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1st August 2012

view from the peyia hill

Tony and I have just walked up the hill behind our home, with Alfie, Molly, Jake – and were closely followed by Charlie cat as normal!

The view today is beautiful: the sea is still angry after the overnight storms and is thrashing itself against the coastline, spraying huge drifts of white foam everywhere. The sky is now clear and bright blue but the wind is cold….

Still, we were wrapped up, happy and pleased to watch Alfie prancing along like a performing pony! He seems to be feeling a little better, thank god. Am sure the TLC and many tablets are helping – but mainly I know its his beautiful spirit that is simply signing out with the joys of being with his family, out for a walk. He is a pleasure to be with.

We’ve stood for a while and just looked: from the second grounded tanker to the right, near Sea Caves, to the original banked tanker to the left, off Kissonerga, the sight is clear, fresh, bright and very special.

Cannot think of anywhere I’d have rather been in that moment – and thats not a bad start to a January Sunday, is it?

Hope all good with you. Have a look at our holiday villas in Coral Bay and Peyia: might just brighten your outlook today!