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13th September 2017

Valerie – our very precious friend

Tony and I were so very sad to hear that our dear friend , Valerie, had finally done the angels the honour of joining them, by taking her wings and flying to the heavens over the weekend.

I imagine this beautiful soul, whose earthly body was so very tired, is now sparkling in sequined wings and diamante earrings , filling the heavens with her love and wonderful laugh.

There are never enough words to pay tribute to a life but ones  which comes to mind every time I think of Val are: magnificent; kind; loving and real. These aren’t enough but paint a tiny picture of a huge life of a lady who was simply good and full of love.

We met Val and Bob about 30 years ago, in Limassol Cyprus, where they and we, holidayed every September, meeting and making friends but always falling into the same crowd, who became The September Club. The friendship grew and we shared many ups and downs, babies and beginnings, families and loss of friends from our special Club.

Memories include Val ”bopping” Bob on the back of the head one evening , while we were in a mini bus on the way to a BBQ in Pissouri and Bob decided to sing about Val and her, ”assets”’. Val and Bob coming to our home in Yorkshire, where we partied and enjoyed each others company and, in later years, Val and Bob coming to our home in Paphos.

One favourite of mine, is going to collect Val and Pauline from Neptune hotel, to bring them to our home for Sunday lunch. They were both dressed to kill, in ankle length sparkling gowns and beautiful jewelry! I wished I had somewhere better to bring them than to our hillside where the dogs would jump all over them – but they loved the afternoon and we loved having them with us.

Val’s love for her family and pride in each of them, was immense: I loved to hear the updates and watch her swell with joy when she shared photos of them all. Her care and compassion towards others, including Tony and I, knew no bounds.

I’m not sure what the purpose of life is or why things happen as they do but I am totally sure that people like Val are the REAL blessings amongst us – and that they are the ones who teach us how to be better, be more loving and be more aware of what matters.

It’s all about people- and our beautiful, funny, sassy and loyal Val, is one of the best people we’ll ever know and we are so very proud to have known her and to have shared a tiny part of life with her and her lovely family.

Ours hearts break for Bob : he knows how lucky he has always been to call Val his wife and we pray their love holds him strong in the times ahead.

Thank you Valerie – for bringing so much that mattered, into our lives. God bless you.

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