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1st January 2010

Val and Bob and cake and brandy

Over 20 years ago, Tony and I met a lovely group of people who holidayed in Limassol every September. We’d all meet in the same two weeks and catch up on the news/gossip/life highlights etc. We’ve some very precious memories from those years.

Luckily a few of this group, including Val and Bob, two of our very favourites from the September gang, come on holiday each year to Coral Bay now. Val and Bob were here in Coral Bay last week. We almost missed them as we were away but had a too brief chance to catch up on Sunday….

They both look fantastic. Val gets younger and younger and is full of mischief; Bob is the same; chilled and relaxed and very cuddly! They are lovely people. We’ve met some of their family too, including daughter Tracy who is fab and her son Lewis, who loves our Molly Mou…..wish we could see more of them….

Life is all about moments, people and memories. Thank you to Val and Bob for many special moments – and many more to come. Haven’t forgotten our girly lunch in May 2011 Val!

Love to you all xxxx And thank you for Tonys cake and my brandy. Both will go to a good home in our tummies.xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News