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1st January 2010

Using your loaf!

Today, the sun is shining and it feels like mid summer again! I’ve been checking guests out of villas in Coral Bay as their half term holidays draw to a close – and they are rightly very sad to be leaving this lovely island. Wishing them “Merry Christmas” as they get into taxis, seems a bit premature but its only 56 days to the Big Day!!

At home for a quick cuppa, I’m not too surprised to see that Jake is still holding a large , white sliced loaf, hostage. He took it from the kitchen last night and spent an hour teasing us with it, egging Alfie on to chase him and generally annoying Molly, who just snapped at his ankles. Tony and I are getting used to Jakes games now and just let him run around like a loony, taking the bread with him

The loaf looks a little chewed around the edges but Jake is still very attached to it! He’s taken it around the garden for a walk and has just come in and put in near my feet: just close enough to think I can reach but closer to Jake so he can steal it and the game of “chase me” can start again.

The daft thing is, I’m off out again now to see more villa holiday guests so Jake will wait patiently for a few hours, guarding his spoils, until I get back and he can try to play again.

The dog is totally and utterly crazy- but if he’s using his loaf, he’s not sleeping in our bed or chasing Charlie, so there is something to be grateful for!