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13th June 2021

Upward facing cat!

Most things in life are made better by the presence of an animal.

Yoga isn’t one of them, however!

Or maybe, the way I try to practice yoga and the presence of a cat who isn’t mine, is certainly not easy!

Harry, the leader of the Hilltop Gang, has taken it upon himself to assist Brucie, his paw-tner in crime, to look after me – which translates as, follow me everywhere ; trip me over at every given opportunity and shout SO loud, I’ll give in and find food for them both.

They are driving me crazy this morning – though Brucie had the good grace to leave me in peace while I went through the early morning stretching and practice of pretending I’m more supple and capable of movement, than I really am!

Harry had a different idea!

A closed door on the room in which I was stretching, didn’t put him off. I’d left the window open , so it was only a small jump and shout before he joined me on the rug and began to ”comment” on every move I made – from the viewpoint of sitting on my chest with his head pushed up under my chin!

Aiming to sit up myself, so I could stretch from side to side in the vain hope of rediscovering a waistline, Harry decided to climb up my back and nuzzle in my hair, keeping up the dialogue of stories and comments until I decided enough was enough and all that was possibly left, was a downward facing dog before a strong coffee.

Getting into position, I was faced with this………photo below! If that’s not a ”what are you doing look?”, I don’t know what is!

Am giving up and going for a walk instead.

Alone .