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1st January 2010

Unlucky for some but not Twosheds!

Today, the 13th is the birthday of our gorgeous friend , Twosheds. She’s a very posh lady who lives near York in UK and has, not unsurprisingly, given her name, got two sheds in her garden.

The difference about her sheds is that they are neat and tidy inside. And have curtains. And ornaments. And little things and no smelly dirty big things (like men- they aren’t allowed).

Anyway, today Twosheds is celebrating so I just thought I’d let her know how some of us are celebrating with her….

1 The guests who’ve checked into one of the new villas in Coral Bay were given a bottle of wine in her honour. But I had to have a glass

2 Jake is allowed to eat SOME of the soil in the large plant pot in the lounge -but not all, which he tries to

3 Tony is having spag bol for his tea: Why? I just fancied it – and we’ll have to have a glass of wine with it

4 Somewhere in UK, a man who put his todger in a pipe and had to have it cut out by firemen, is celebrating his freedom – I know Twosheds will have liked that story!

5 The number ladies detective agency Cyprus, are having a “bank holiday”. As you do for the Queen only there is only me having the day off – and then again, only part of it!

6 Alfie has been given a treat from his Christmas stocking – and he hasn’t had a treat for months coz he hasn’t been too well

7 No, Tony won’t be getting a treat from any stocking and he’s in perfect health!

8 Blogs are being written about Twosheds – and thats MAMMOTH! At least 10 people I know will read and think “Happy Birthday Twosheds”……….and as the average person knows 250 others, thats one awful lot of wishes which should come your way J!

9 Have bought, eaten and enjoyed a dipped flake – just to celebrate

10 May now eat Tonys coz he isn’t home yet and doesn’t know it.

What is Twosheds doing? No idea! We’re having an “unbirthday” next weekend when I’m in UK so I’ll tell you more about her (most likely) bad behaviour upon my return

Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!! (in honour of the “two sheds”) xxxx

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