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1st January 2010

unlucky for some…….

Okay, time to own up!

I went to a lovely villa in Coral Bay this morning , to check in some Russian guests who are here for an extra week. They have been staying for 2 weeks in the villa opposite the one they moved to today: they moved because they’ve decided to stay on a week and the second villa was all we had available……

Anyway, yesterday Tony showed them this new villa and today, I went at 10am to check them in.

To digress, I’d been up since 3.30am when I’d done an earlier checkin, so I was a little sleepy – but I made a complete fool of myself in front of these guests.

Picture this: they were waiting at their gate for me. I smiled, walked down the steps of their new villa and went to the key collection point- and there was no key. I smiled again and said how pleased we were that they were staying . They looked confused and said that they were staying but not in the villa I was at. I was totally confused, smiled and thought that they mustn’t have understood my english , then began to move their stuff to the villa whilst ringing Garry, property manager, to ask for the key he should have left for me.

Running along the road to number 13, following the guests who were taking their stuff to number 13, I suddenly realised that I’d been trying to get into the wrong villa – and the guests were right! I was at the wrong villa.

Smiling tightly and turning bright red, I found the key, in the right place and let the guests in.

Laugh? No I didn’t!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News