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11th August 2010

understanding ……

I was just administrating a booking for one of our villas in Coral Bay, Villa Maria, when an email came in from a friend and business colleague who was telling me he was going into hospital to have a swelling taken off his uvula….

Not knowing what an uvula was, I asked Tony who, as a man, I thought would know exactly what the problem was. Yes, I’m afraid to say I thought it was a “man thing”! Anyway, Tony explained it was the long hard tube thing which the football fans blew very hard during the world cup….. I wondered who and what had caused Simons to swell and if he was able to use it………

Anyway, I checked the internet and discovered that the uvula is the small piece of tissue which hangs from the roof of the mouth at the back of the mouth……….

I feel better now – and I hope Simon, ,my friend, does too after his surgery! Dr Tony won’t be being consulted for a while…..