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2nd January 2017

Under New Management!

Molly Mou, aged 14.5 years, 4 kilos and HUGE attitude, has been in, ”Big Charge” of everything in our home for the past 3 and a half years, since our beloved Alfie Dog crossed The Rainbow Bridge.

Barney T Rubble, now 3 and a quarter, has been a little too scatty and a lot too scared, to be given any real responsibilities – though we did promote him to being , “In charge of The Thinking Step” for the latter part of summer and through till Christmas. Actually, we had no choice in this matter, seeing as he’d decided this spot was ”his” and no=one was allowed to get passed without a big degree of difficultly.

Anyway, during the festive break, we’ve observed these two lovely animals and ”interviewed” them for the 2017 roles for which they’ll have to behave. Molly , whose heart is as big as a lion, has agreed to share the ”management” of the house role, with her ”little” brother – on the understanding that he is NEVER allowed to share our bed because this is ”her” place – and that she can ”pull rank” if we are out and he is being naughty : an example of this being this morning when he stole Mollys Christmas Teddy Bear and was flinging it at high speed around the room.

Molly will ‘share management tasks” with Barney. She wants to use up the daily energy for ”jumps up onto the settee” which she stores, for her naps while Barney , ”takes control” of staring out of the window , ready to alert her to our return. Seems very fair to us!

So as the year begins to gently unfold, our dynamic duo will job share – and we’ll let you know how they get on!

You can still email to me about your dream of a villa holiday here in Cyprus though: Molly doesn’t ”do” computers and Barney’s paws are a little too big to hit the keys so I’m employed for this bit! Email to to book your holiday and for more news on the ”Takeover”! Happy New Year!

The photos below were part of the doggies Propaganda Portfolio in application for their new roles…