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1st January 2010

Typical male!

Jake has gone for his pamper day today. Every 3 months , we treat each of them to a “proper” doggie pamper, rather than attacking them with a cold hosepipe on the poolside. They each love their pamper and behave beautifully….

This morning, Jake was a little grumpy and didn’t want to eat his breakfast, he wanted Mollys; didn’t want to go out, he wanted to get into our bed; didn;t want to do anything really. Trying to move a grumpy 12 stone Monster Pup, isn’t easy…..

Anyway, got his lead out and he perked up. Got him to Hair of the Dog,where Jan was going to pamper him and he became positively charming. “Shake my paw, Jan,” he beamed at her. “I’ll just sit here quietly until you are ready for me”, he continued and I looked on in amazement….

As I left him and turned to look at him, I swear he stuck his tongue out at me and laughed!………

Category: Cyprus Villas News