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6th October 2011

TWT and the latest news

Joanie told us yesterday that the doctor won’t let her fly till Wednesday but that the good news is he may let her come home to us on Saturday, to rest here with us until her flight………..

Having picked Tony up off the floor, I had to swallow a gulp as the rush of “busiest weekend of arrivals of the year; away on business Mon/tues; no-one at home to look after her and no way to take time off work; cannot leave her alone with the dogs while she is recovering”…..and other thoughts, rushed into my tired brain….

“Great” I said , continuing, “Bill, do you have any GnT left in the fridge”…….”Pardon”, came the reply – though this time coz I KNOW he didn’t want to share one of the stock of little plastic cups that he’d made up of GnT a few days earlier!

Apparently, Joan has been taking her tablets washed down by these little gems: the nurses have been handing them to her, thinking they contained water!

Stress? No wonder I drink!

Category: Cyprus Villas News