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7th March 2013

Twosheds and a spectacle……….

I’ve been giggling all day, during the departure of the wonderful Wilson family from Garlands, to the great Russian gang leaving Dionysus and the new people arriving in Isis: why? Well, I promised I wouldn’t say BUT…….

Twosheds and Armani went out on ‘business’ today. This awesome twosome are always immaculate and ‘ready for anything ‘ (especially where wine and jokes are concerned). Twosheds was a little concerned that she was being ‘looked at’ and thought people were just being rude- or impressed with her new lippie………….till she looked in the mirror and saw she only had one lens in her sunglasses………..

Well, it could happen to any of us BUT its made me giggle that it happened to Twosheds/Onelens. Shall we rename her? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Category: Cyprus Villas News