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1st January 2010

Two planks short….

What a busy morning! By 8am this morning, we had a queue of workmen here at our home, each with their own job to do. We’re decorating/building/repairing and replacing in honour of Two Sheds and Armani,who arrive on Wednesday. (They are two of our closest friends and VERY posh! NOT!)……

Anyway, Alex is nearly finished painting the lounge and finished the staircase first thing: so Steve and Joe carried the wood up the stairs to do the pergola and yes, you got it, messed a bit of the new paintwork. Planning is everything – and Tonys plan is simply to get it all done. Regardless.

Anyway, am not sure this pergola will ever get finished: Steve is a brilliant “timber technician”, (never call him “joiner” – he gets most offended!). However, last time Timber Tec and his team designed an “attractive wooden dividing structure” for us , (read “fence” for we mere mortals), there wasn’t enough wood to finish the job easily – which Steve told us as follows: “Ah ,can’t finish this today or tomorrow – I’m two planks short of the job”………….

So Two Planks Short he remains forever more.

And if he damages anymore of my paintwork, he’ll be short of another couple of assets too!

Category: Cyprus Villas News