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3rd January 2021

Truth and Honesty

18 years ago, when Tony and I moved into our home here in Peyia village, the garden was simply rock face shrubs and two Carob trees. The thought of establishing a pretty garden in all of this, was overwhelming but thankfully, Tony has inherited his late Fathers ”green fingers”.

Anyway, in the early weeks, during a warm November and December, as our things arrived from the UK and we took a few deliveries from local shops, one delivery driver touched my soul with his kindness.

Seeing how bare the garden was – and also how upset I was to be here at that time, (oh how things have changed!), he came back the day after the delivery he’d made , bringing me a small bunch of Honesty from his village garden in Lasa.

He told me that this small bunch of flowers would thrive, grow and blossom – as would I in Cyprus – and he wished us luck….

Every year, as December breaks and the garden changes, Honesty blooms in the garden, spreading her blessings along the pathway outside our front door. The flowers make me smile – especially as they’ve survived our late tiny dog, Molly’s attempts to dig them up!

The truth is, 18 years on, we are very content here and I’m very happy we made the move, despite missing family and close friends, very much (though they visit when they can!).

The other truth is that a tiny kindness, can have a HUGE impact on a person – and this one did and always will.

As 2021 unfolds, wishing you truth, honesty and good health. Keep safe and come back soon.


Category: kindness