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1st January 2010

“Trussssst in me”……..

When I was down in Coral bay today near some of our lovely villas, I stopped to talk to a friend who lives near the undeveloped piece of the hill. looking next door, I saw a huge viper, sleeping in the shade. These snakes are highly dangerous and knowing the family who lived in the villa, had children, I felt duty bound to help.

I rang Tony who told me to ring Paul, one of our managers. Paul told me to steer well clear or to ring “snake George”. Fearless to the core (not) , I decided to tackle the snake myself so I got a huge pointy stick, stood well back and began to poke at the snake to wake it with a view to it wrapping itself around my stick so I could throw it. (Well, thats what Snake George did when I watched him!).

This snake was not for waking easily!

Which, when I realised it was plastic and had probably been put down to scare the pigeons, made perfect sense! i mean, how do you wake a plastic snake!

Tony and Paul are still laughing at me for being so stupid as to even try – and I’m just relieved I didn’t get to test out my stick coiling snake trick!

Think I’ll keep Snake Georges number handy from now on!

Category: Cyprus Villas News