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20th April 2018

Tree fellers

The tourist season is well and truly upon us here in Peyia!

Driving through the village this morning, on the way to work, there were at least 3 lots of traffic cones, inside the circle of which were a policeman, many workmen, some machinery and an elder or two from the village, ‘giving instruction”.

Seems it’s the annual time of the year, to prune the trees lining the village main road – and this is a VERY serious business!

Locals love this sort of work! The men who would normally be spending their ”senior days”, sat outside the kafenes, drinking coffee and talking politics, are positively enthused by the activity of tree cutting and rush to help and give their advice!

Tree fellers? No, there are at least 15 at every tree, arguing about how much to cut and when – and shaking hands with each other as the traffic builds up around them! It’s both charming and frustrating!

Still, if you are looking to come and holiday in Peyia or Coral Bay, you’ll love being able to see more clearly, the traditional properties which are normally hidden by the trees. Plus, if you need directions or help, there are always a group of elders, sitting waiting for their next challenge!

That said, the best direction for a holiday rental villa or apartment, is to email to me on No hold ups: I’ll reply immediately!

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