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1st January 2010

Travel explanations

It was interesting to read about the English lady, who, thinking she was flying to Granada in Spain, spent approx. 100 hours on a plane to Grenada…… agent error apparently

Here, we see the error of other agents, who’ve sent men who were destined for Ethiopia, to Episkopi or Evertou in Cyprus…… Why you ask, well, apparently the Bodi males in Ethiopia, spend months living in solitude, eating and drinking milk and blood, till they become fat. The fattest man with the biggest belly, gets a cow killed in his honour and his fortunes are read in the entrails and blood…………..Such men are drinking in our local bars, substituting milk for beers and blood for more beers – then spill their own entrails in the streets near their apartments…..

Their future? Well, it doesn’t take a psychic to predict that!

Category: Cyprus Villas News