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17th October 2018

Travel as if by magic!

Travelling back to the UK late last week, to spend a few, precious days with my Mum and sisters, I was taken aback by how small the world is and how easy it is to be in one place, then another!

short of the general hassles of packing and the administration side of travel, it still amazes me that you can be in one country, one-time zone and one temperature – then emerge from a flight in completely another!

Cyprus to the UK isn’t a huge flight- normally less than 5 hours but the countries are worlds apart in terms of temperature at this time of year – and the air is different too! I loved arriving in Newcastle, to the lilt of Geordie twangs, the ”neat and tidy” older couples and the magnificence of the bridges and the architecture. Blyth, where my Mum lives, was covered in flying golden leaves and being battered by a very strong wind but the air was filled with the magic of the North East, which only bricks, smiles and the cold grey the North Sea can bring!

Talking to Tony while in the UK, I marvelled at the time difference: at the fact that his day began in 30-degree heat and my view was grey sky and cold grey sea- but it was all the same day/life – just separated by geographical distance and small time gap ……it’s fascinating!

Home now to the Peyia Autumnal, warm sunshine and I’ve even had to come into the house this pm to escape the heat! The colours in the sky hold the golden promise of cooler weather to come: the sunset is setting out to be magnificent and the village is musical with bells, goat hooves and a little light traffic…….also magical.

I loved the trip and I love being home. The difference between the two countries in terms of travel has reminded me that no-one is too far away . I close my eyes and can ”feel” myself back in the bosom of my family in the UK – and I open them and am grateful to be here in our home. We all walk parallel in this life. Different shoes. Changing the journey plan but the same destination…… something I”ll keep reminding myself of in the months ahead…..

If you fancy making a journey into the magic of Cyprus, email to me for available villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations. Doesn’t matter what time you email, I’m happy here, sitting waiting to help.

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