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1st July 2018

Training for my work!

Well, where have I been you ask? The answer is, where haven’t I been?

So, we set off over 3 weeks ago on an adventure on a boat across the Med. Sharing this with two friends, we had a plan, which included all of the places we wanted to see/those we were returning to and those which were a first. The days were scheduled and everything accounted for – and it all went wrong!

Losing keys before we left; having a new dress stolen from a shower block; losing use of an engine on the boat and hitting very stormy waters, where only the small things which influenced our decisions.

Yet, through the many and necessary changes, adaptations and flexibility of our small group PLUS the huge kindnesses shown to us, we have had a ball, despite not getting to where we thought we would, when we would or how we would.

I’ve learned so much. Holidays are precious. I know that and it’s why I work so hard to help those who book theirs with us – but OMG, people are more precious and their willingness to help/sort out problems and provide a different way of enjoying something  in times of huge stress and disappointment: that has just been amazing.

For me, I’ve a new perspective on patience, ”being there for people”, understanding the disappointment and trying to reveal the new ”dream”/way to be happy. Flexibility and humour are the key – but the world is such a wonderful place if you open your heart and eyes to look past the dream you had initially, anything is possible.

My pledge to you, our valued villa holidaymakers, both repeat (thank you) and new, is to work the very hardest I can ALWAYS to ensure you get the best from your holiday – even if life steps in the way from time to time and calls upon us all to adapt/adopt/set forth!

Email to me for available villas with clean pools, apartments in great locations and offer of total ‘duty of care’ throughout your stay. I’ll do my best for you as people have done for us!

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