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1st January 2010

Traditionally built tummies: a shoppers plea!!

Like many of my Uk counterparts, I’m what you would describe as “traditionally built”! (or so my “friend” Susie Floozy would say!). Actually, the description does suit : not slim (by any stretch of the imagination) nor fat , I’m built to withstand a few battles or food shortages! My grandfather used to say that was a very good thing – and the painter, Ruebens, loved the shape of my type of curvy women….

One thing about being traditionally built, is the necessity to camoflage certain parts of the anatomy at all times – and only reveal others, in the privacy of ones own home (and never when others of a sensitive diposition are around – hence yellow polka dot bikini has been hidden by husband!).

Anyway, I digress: the purpose of this little missive is just to plead to others who, like me, are living examples of the effects of gravity and good living, and request that they get dressed before shopping in our local supermarkets. I really cannot see the pleasure for others, in trying to get their share of vegetables or meat, when the bathing costume clad larger person next to them is also trying to get their share, ably assisted by volumous wobbly bits which seem to frantically move for attention with every effort.

The locals, who are normally clad in black and always dressed elegantly and discretely, must think us mad: its a supermarket not beach and oily , fleshy, dimples are not attractive by the floor cleaning or fresh veg sections. Bending to fill baskets or lift bottles of water, isn’t made any more pleasant by holidaymakers sharing builders bottoms or winking at the rest of us.

Its only a small request from one whose own flesh gets safely hidden to protect the innocent : please PUT SOME CLOTHES ON WHEN YOU SHOP!!!