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7th August 2020

Tourist tales ..

I’ve been thinking about some of the funny times we’ve had with tourists in holiday villas over the years and thought I’d share a few with you – though you’ve probably heard them from me, before:

  1. The tale of the telephone; “”Can you order a pizza for me”?””, the English lady in the villa asked. “The leaflet is there in the villa. Please just ring the number””. “”I am but it’s not answering”. “”which number are you ringing””. “”The 700 number”, she replied. ”Oh, that’s the number for locals to ring on local phones. try the longer number”, we replied. “”But I am local and so is my phone ! It’s here with me in the villa….””
  2. Sausagegate: “My sausages arent cooking”, said the guest on the phone. ”Oh, is the grill not working?” “”Yes, it’s working but the sausages keep falling through the grill pan”. “”Why not turn them around sir”, I replied. ”Don’t be silly. The grill is fixed in the oven and the oven is fixed into the wall!”. ”No sir, turn the sausages around”.              ‘”I don’t know what you mean”, he said  – so we drove to the villa and turned the sausages around on the grill.
  3. Football fans: Conversation outside of a pub here in Peyia one Saturday: “”Quick, Bob, ring our joe! Leeds have just scored and they are going to win! We are two hours ahead here so they won’t have kicked off yet in the UK. Let’s spoil it for him and tell him the result!”
  4. Ensuite woes; Rushing past us into the villa, the lady shouted, “”let me choose my room first. I need a shower in my room not a bath. I cannot get my leg over in the bath”………………we left her to it!

These are a few of my favourites – and there will be many ,many more to come and many ,many happy returning customers.

Thank you to all of you, for happy memories and so much to look forward to!

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