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28th April 2021

Total Catitude!

The thing about Kitten is that he doesn’t realise he IS a kitten!

Muscling in on the Hilltop Gang a few months ago, he disappears for days then struts back expecting to be greeted with open paws! He pushes his way up against the regulars, often stealing their food bowls then tries to sound fierce is they go to retrieve their food!

He makes me laugh so much.

Skinny, all legs and catitude, he thinks he’s a lion – and has even tried to take on Barney T Rubble! In fact, this seems to be his new , ”best game” and I often find him sat on the Thinking Step, almost under Barney’s nose, itching for a fight!

Having disappeared since Sunday, he’s not only back this morning but being fed with the rest of the gang wasn’t enough for him: I turned round from the sink in the kitchen, to find him sitting inside the lounge, staring at me as if to tell me off!

Approaching him to take the photo, (below), he then proceeded to lie down, lift one leg in the air – and show me exactly what he thought of being ,”moved on” from our home!

He is so naughty – and so delightful!

I love opening the front door in the mornings and seeing that he is one of the hungry team, waiting noisily for their breakfast – but I’d also love to know where he goes to during the day too.

It’s really a case of , ”wherever he puts his paws, is his home” – and he’s always welcome here.

Well, except by Barney!

Purrfect days!