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8th August 2017

Too Cheeky!

Well, there is a god if not a goddess of large bottoms! No, I’m not talking about anyone in the Kardashian family, I’m talking about Miss Bum Bum 17 which takes place in Brazil and which is an annual contest to find the most attractive, large bottom on a pretty girl!

There were great photos today online , showing 30 hopefuls vying to be one of the 15 finalists. With magnificent booties on display, it seemed to be, the bigger the better!

So am thinking I should relocate to Brazil where I stand some chance of fitting in – though Tony helpfully told me that you are supposed to only have one Bum not bumdiddlybumbums falling down the back of your legs!

Anyway, will watch the progress of this contest with interest so see if it’s worth bringing something similar to the beaches here in Coral Bay! Maybe “Moobs Mania”, or “Cellulite Celebs”……….let me know your thoughts!

If you’d like to bring your family to this bootiful area of Cyprus, please email for details on villas with clean pools and apartments in great locations, to  (oh and couldn’t find a bottoms photo so you’ll have to make do with ”buns”…)


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