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11th February 2010

Tonys Mayassi and his mum

We were so very sad this week, to hear of the death of Tonys Ms mum. She had been very ill for a long time but there was always a hope that she’d pull through. Tony, our trusted friend and supplier of the new internet facility we have, loved his mum deeply and flew to Lebanon to be at her bedside, where he stayed for days to be with her as she slipped into the next part of her journey….

Tony is a lovely man: sensitive, honest and good. He spoke to us of his love for his mum before he took his flight. We were so touched by his words: its rare to hear a man talk of loving a parent this way and he spoke with his heart in every word.

Nothing can ease the pain he’ll be feeling now but we just wanted to take a moment to celebrate the life of a lady who has brought such a great man into this world. Also to say how much we are feeling for Tony and praying for him to find strength during this awful time and peace to help him move on…….