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1st January 2010

Tony Without Teeth is in the air……………..

Oh deary me. There are clouds on the horizon and the hairs on Tonys arms, are up in the air! The dogs are a little subdued, now they’ve expended their energies ‘undoing’ all my good work on cleaning and preparing my Mum in laws bedrooms….and Charlie cat is stripping a carob rat in the lounge, as a welcome gift!

Yes, TWT is on her way, with Wicked William (Pardon?) sat next to her on the plane. I can picture the scene…….

TWT to fellow passenger: ” We are going to stay with my eldest son and the animals in Peyia, aren’t we Bill?”
Bill: “Yes, dear”. Then loudly with hand cupped to ear: “What did you say”?………..

I can hardly wait – to have a VERY large GnT and its only 9am! Sun MUST be over the yard arm somewhere in the universe surely! (Don’t call me Shirley! Pardon?)……….

Category: Cyprus Villas News