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1st January 2010

Tonsils, tusks and trunks on a Tuesday

The best thing about the days here in sunny Coral Bay/Peyia is that you just don’t know what is going to happen next. Take today, for instance. An innocent enough Tuesday began with a light breakfast, few moments on the thinking step checking on the villa guests in the villas in Coral Bay, then a trip to Paphos to pay some bills.

Its only 1pm and we’ve already encountered:

– a guest needing a doctor for her 4 year son who has developed an awful cold: on day two of his holiday!

– a lovely family due to arrive here this afternoon have rung to cancel because their son has come down with tonsilitis during the night and is very poorly and cannot fly. I feel really sad for them as they were so excited about coming over.

– Jake has been groomed and pampered and looks totally wonderful – like a huge, living bear………and we’ve almost crashed at the main Paphos harbour junction because two huge elephants began to cross the road just as the lights turned green!

Elephants! In Paphos! Must be a circus in town or Cyprus has a special deal on holiday travel for passengers carrying their own trunks!

I think I may stay at home in Peyia this afternoon: it seems to a day when anything could happen – and I do have to repair the damage to our bed which Charlie kitten inflicted on us during the night!

Sunbed with my name on, calling me from the poolside, me thinks! Have a good one wherever you are!