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1st January 2010

Tonight, the world of Peyia and Coral Bay villas, is totally at peace!

What can I say? Somedays, things just do go the way you need them to…..the sun has shone; the villas are gleaming ready for their weekend arrivals and the forecast is very, very good indeed……….

Especially for Charlie kitten , who has seen the vet today and been told by the Vet (who has already saved Charlies life once, after Charlie was poisoned and minutes from passing away) – that his kitten lives are in tact and he’ll live to fight many other battles. Thank God.

Charlie just has to rest for a few days while his fever passes and I have to bathe his eyes with cold tea. Once the course of antibiotics he is taking, are finished, Charlie should be good as new – which is the most wonderful news for us but not so good for the local lizard community, whose little ones Charlie has been terrorising for the past couple of weeks!

Animals! Who’d have ’em?!

Personally, I wouldn’t be without them – and today, it looks like I don’t have to be for a good long time yet.

Category: Cyprus Villas News