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1st January 2010

Tom, Tom, Raymondododolous friend has come………

Oh dear! I’m very afraid. The Great Raymondododoloulou, has just introduced us to Tom, his friend from UK – and a fellow ex VIP Policeman! Tom seems very nice but “watches” us carefully – not in a raised eyebrow ready for a giggle way that The Great Raymondododoloulou does: more “purposely”, as if expecting us to do something VERY naughty at anytime……

Well, we MAY but not when he is watching – and we’ll make sure we don’t have witnesses!

Now this imposing (and actually very lovely) Tom, is thinking of moving here to live with his wife -which is great but worrying. That means that Susie Floozie and the aformentioned Ray, are “gathering their troops” around them . Before we know it, we’ll be under “Dodododoloulou Rule” and having to behave -EVEN MORE BADLY!!

I suppose an island overrun with ex UK policeman could be interesting: am trying to think of a reason why but Ray is QUITE funny and makes good G nTs – and he drinks coffee black with milk, so maybe there are more like him?!

I’ve a few hours off between arrivals and departures today. Think I’ll start Googling other areas and other countries… feeling very very guilty just for being in the presence of The Law! Goodness knows what I’d confess to if i had to speak to them daily!

Evening all!

Category: Cyprus Villas News