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5th April 2012

Toilet humour…..

Well, what can I say about toilets and the affect they have on our lives? ……
yesterday, we’d just clean and polished a beautiful large 4 bed house ready for arrival – and the builders went in and “dumped” in one of the bathrooms. Charming! so we had to clean all over again.

Today, Jenny Twosheds managed an amazing feat: walking around Coral Bay, we realised she had a toilet freshener, from our house, hanging from the back of her trousers and waggling like a tail….. should we tell her or should we not? Answers on a postcard please?

Been a hot day and am now feeling flush, tee hee. Don’t want to strain any further so running away to go with the flow………………

(Greek test actually but dont remind me!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News