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1st January 2010

Todays total shambles!

For weeks now, Tony and I have been driving from Peyia to Chloraka, having to pass a very large dog who was tied up at the side of a house and office. Unfortunately for me, the office belongs to the architect we use for design of the houses we’re building for clients in the Coral Bay and Peyia area – so we got to meet this dog.

Of course, meeting the dog wasn’t enough: he is a real cutie, with a teddy bear face and one sticky-up-in-the-air ear; totally irresistable! Except to his owners who, whilst they feed him and give him clean water, didn’t seem to have anytime at all to play with him.

With two dogs and two cats at home on our Peyia hillside, I said , “No way! We cannot take him”………………so he moved in this morning!

What do you do? He’s cute, cuddly, HUGE and needs love and affection – so he is now installed in what was meant to be Alfies kennel, (to be used only for hot evenings to keep him cool – but he hated it!) – and he is shouting for us as I write.

We’ve called him Jake. Rather, I’ve called him Jake. I named him a few weeks ago which was the beginning of the slippery slope to ownership, I reckon. Then we found out he is a Japanese Akita , so I figured Jake was quite an inspired name ie first two letters from the first part of his breed name, with the “k” from Akita and an “e” for good luck……….Tony just thinks I’m crazy!

To protect Alfie and Molly, we got James from Buddys Dog Wash to come up the hill with his mobile dog pampering service and wash/pamper/trim/fuss and play with Jake – who totally loved the experience.

“James”, we asked coz he knows things about dogs, “What do you think of this breed of dog, the Japanese Akita?”. “He’s not a Japanese Akita”, James replied, “He’s a total shambles of a dog: Newfoundland with St Bernard but possibly some Akita in him somewhere”.

Great: now I’m going to have to either rethink a name mixing “NF” with “SB” and adding “A”. “Sbanf” doesn’t do it for me, somehow so suggestions on a postcard please!

Gotta go: time to climb the hill and enjoy the sunset across Coral Bay and Sea Caves on this beautiful evening. If I’m quick, I can escape Tony and the dogs and get a little peace up there too!

Category: Cyprus Villas News