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1st January 2010

Todays guest blogger is, Charlotte Emily Tallulah Bucket Gledhill ……

today i get to write the blog to give anti lynn the day off ha ha ha ha this morning i was coming down the stairs when jake came running up to meet me he is like a big pony giant paws and long wet tongue. in the hotel on thursday i won bingo and i got 110 euros!! it is very warm here.

todays weather forecast

it is still very warm and remember to put your factor 50 or 20 or 6 or 5 suncream on and all girls aged 9 -12 read my next paragraph

girls aged 9-12

remember on your holidays just relax keep asking too go to the spa

in my hotel the is a man with man booobs!!

This is Charlottes mum just making sure she is not being too graphic in here first ever blog attempt!, we are staying with Lynn and Tony for a couple of days at their beautiful home on the hillside we love it here it is quiet and one of the happiest homes in the world. We’re going to spend the day in and by the pool it makes a change from the hassle of every day life of getting to school and work on time we all need to take time out and let the world carry on we all deserve that break. I hear it’s raining back home and i’m sorry to say that it makes me smile, sorry but when you’re in the sun and it is smiling on you you just can’t help but feel happy! Well I’m being called for my breakfast of a sausage sandwich so I’m off. Enjoy your day whatever you are doing and count down your days to your holidays if your lucky enough to be coming herexxxx

bye im in the sun ha ha ha ha ha from charlotte xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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