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1st January 2010

Todays a real drag!

Its a beautiful warm Sunday here in Peyia and Coral Bay. I’ve sat on the thinking step contemplating the world and the lizards; have done a ~(very) little revision of the new Greek words I learnt yesterday and it became pleasantly cloudy , so I got the dogs ready for a walk up the hill

Molly was thrilled and jumped in circles barking her happy song until I got her on the lead. Alfie patroled straight to the gate where he sat patiently waiting , ready to escort us all on the journey. He’s in charge of our little team and takes this role very seriously, especially when we are off the safe area of our home turf!

Jake was a different matter altogether. Happy to go out, we wagged his considerable tail and gently walked me down the steps to the road, marching out up towards the hill – then sat down. Where he stayed until I managed to pull him to his feet. He got up and reluctantly sat down at the top of the hill, where I began to drag him again but couldn’t budge him. Having nothing to tie him too, I had to sit and wait with him while Alfie and Molly had a run, then, when the Monster Pup was ready, we strolled down the hill towards home,….

Now,, Jake is sat by the gate wanting to go out again ! Typical! He’ll have to want coz I’m not doing the hill again today BUT I’ll have to pray he doesn’t decide to just push through the gate and go anyway. The size of him, anything is possible!!

Off to checkin some holidaymakers to Coral Bay and I won’t be taking the dogs with me!

Category: Cyprus Villas News