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9th October 2014

Today is the day!

On a beautiful sunny morning like this, I couldn’t be more grateful for the special Cypriot people who live and work here in the village of Peyia. With the wedding in a few hours, the final arrangements are being cared for by local people who have become such good friends to our family.

I’m picturing Maria and Georgina, in Gold Rose Florist, as they put the finishing touches to the brides flowers, which I’ll collect later this morning. Marios came to our home just after 8, to collect my car, which Tony is using for the bride today. Marios has offered to stop at Marias florist once the car is waved, so she can put the ribbons on for us before bringing the car home to us.

Rena, owner of Yialos Taverna, is busy preparing the food and ensuring that the tables are set as we agreed. Emma has made table plan and favours, god love her and Christian has been despatched to Yialos with them

Jaime, from Hairspray, is en route to the brides villa to ‘do’ hair and make up – and JAC and Koullis will be polishing the groomes chosen car and getting the traditional and fun village bus ready to trundle up the hill to the wedding, after chugging around Coral Bay to collect the wedding guests.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a wedding without a hiccup: at 8pm last night, a water pump broke in the villa where the family are staying – and there is no water. With the ‘small matter’ of having to get ready for the wedding, one of our owners has come to the rescue (thank you Talbot of Villa Melissa) and loaned a key so the guests can use his showers -but Christos, our Cyprusvillas ‘superhero’ is already at the villa, trying to change the pump: he’d offered to go last night at 8.30 but we were all worried about him getting on the roof in the dark!

In the Municipal offices, the lovely Stella and Maria , are ready to welcome Caz, Bob and their family and friends, for 1pm. The Fountain of Women, where the wedding is taking place, will be being swept and cleaned as we speak….its all happening!

I’m having a quiet coffee with our furry family before heading off to sort a few other things then we’ll all be together to celebrate!

TEAMWORK! Thank you Peyia village and the people who live here! photo autumn colour photo colours night