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1st January 2010

To sleep and yet to dream….

So its now 3am and I’m totally shattered. Jake the puppy isn’t. He has been singing to the moon for around 2 hours so I’ve had to get up to keep him company and stop him waking the whole village of Peyia!

Around Coral Bay, the holidaymakers are safely tucked up in their villas. Tony is fast asleep upstairs, with Molly, Alfie, Tiff and Charlie snoozing happily in the favourite places – even Elvis has left the building at the Coral Sunset cocktail bar.

But Jake and I are here: sat in the lounge, “playing ” with one of my shoes; though Jake stops occassionally to have a drink of water which he then “slops” all over me!

The “nighttime gremlins” are taking control of my adled brain and I’m trying to remember if I really do like dogs or not- and to rationalise what exactly possessed us to take this crazy horse-like puppy into our home……….unfortunately, Jake not only got into the house but he’s recently got under my skin too and is nestling up a big place for himself in my heart. Not good! If I was awake enough to be sensible, I’d be giving myself a good telling off!

Tony and I have a business to run: holidaymakers and villa owners depend on us to be alert, positive and there: Jake has little respect for this!

Must go, puppy needing hug and walk – and the hill is SO lovely at this time of the morning!

(Repeat after me: ” I AM enjoying these nighttime walks, I AM enjoying……”

Category: Cyprus Villas News