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1st January 2010

To sit, or not to sit, that is the question….

Am having a much needed morning off but already have a conundrum to solve: there are so many comfy and welcoming corners in the beautiful garden Tony has made at our home in Peyia, that I don’t know where I want to be!

I’ve tried sitting under the pergola with my book but couldn’t stop looking at the view of the rolling hills, so I moved to the bench near the fruit trees – from where I can see the coastline and watch the boats go by so no reading got done.

I’ve come into the kitchen and collapsed on the family settee – where the rest of the furry family joined me so there was no chance of reading anything – so I’ve been to the chair at the side of the pool, but just couldn’t bring myself to read coz its so very hot , all I could think about was getting up and getting a glass of water…….

So I’m going to jump in the pool and cool off then, erm, sit on the steps leading into the pool while I decide what I need to do today……

Very difficult doing nothing! So many decisions to make!

Category: Cyprus Villas News