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1st January 2010

To all good animals and children………..

I’m convinced that Molly and Alfie have had a word with Jake about his bad behaviour and have reminded him that, in just on 4 weeks, Doggy Santa Claus will be here with presents for ONLY the good animals….

Molly, Alfie, Charlie (and our many other animals), have always been totally ruined at Christmas – well, all year around really – and this year I’m sure will be the same.

Jake was still in monster pup mode last year and wasn’t really settled. Now he rules the roost and tries to throw his considerable weight around – but has suddenly gone quiet, charming and totally helpful. “Come in Jake”, I cry – and he does. “Don’t do that Jakey, ” and he stops………its very , very worrying!

He has got his daily schedule down to a T and doesn’t try to get in my way when I need to get ready for work, My shoes stay where I’ve left them and he isnt stealing my breakfast when I’m not looking. When I walk him, he is charm personified.

I don’t know if I’m more worried about this change or what he expects as a pressie on the 25th! If it isn’t to his liking, he’ll go crazy having earned so many brownie points with us.

Course, he could just be settling into his very comfortable home and deciding he really DOES love us – but I’m a cynic and he’s a monster, so the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Will keep a keen eye on him!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News