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1st January 2010

“Tis the season to be merry”

Well, the Festive spirit is here as it is across the UK. People are grumpy, bad tempered, inconsiderate and very short tempered: or at least those I’ve met in the shops today have been!

Its a funny thing though : the local Cypriots are all smiles and kind words, helpful and accomodating. Its some of the expats who are kicking up.

You can ALMOST understand it: they are away from their families – and even those whose families are due here, have been snowed in , in the UK. Still, seems a bad thing that, this close to Christmas, tempers are so short.

Its meant to be all about people……certainly the people we welcome here to villas in Coral Bay and villas in Peyia , will be met with kind words and warm smiles. Thats the least we can do! The locals will ensure the holidaymakers festive smiles continue to shine brightly!

Category: Cyprus Villas News