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1st January 2010

Tis the day before Dallas…………

Tony and Paul go to Dallas tomorrow, to take their final pool inspectors exams. They’ve had weeks of training and revision and its been very stressful for them both – and for those of us around them!

Today, Easter Sunday, is Tony and my last day together for over a week. Its a beautiful sunny day and the views are glorious. I’m not at work till tonight, when I’ll welcome guests to some of our villas, including Melanie, so I was going to make the most of it BUT……

Tony has just checked his replacement flight tickets, sent as KLM have had some changes to their schedule. He and Paul fly Larnaca to Amsterdam then Amsterdam to Minneapolis, then on to Detroit – which would be great but the course is in Dallas!

Soooooo, not only can Tony not find his credit card, he has also lost some of his notes and now he is flying to the wrong airport which is miles from where he needs to be.

Its gonna be a lovely Sunday. Am just going out – probably for a long while!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News