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1st January 2010

Tis a dogs life!

We were all sitting on the thinking step yesterday, debating the world and other silly issues – and talking about an article which had appeared in a national newspaper. The article was about a pair of great danes, whose owner had spent 250k on a purpose built luxury kennel.

I was laughing with Wayne, Karen and Tony, telling them not to speak too loudly about the sheepskin rugs in the kennel/self filling food containers/ mini dog gym etc -I didn’t want Alfie, Molly and Jake to hear and get jealous.

Wayne commented that our dogs had nothing to be jealous of: they’ve 5 bedrooms to sleep in, two flat screens TVs to watch, pool to splash about in, beaches to run along and two completely dedicated fulltime people slaves to pander to their every whim!

Sitting this morning, in 28 degrees heat, trying to decide what to buy each of them for Christmas (well, anything they haven’t already been bought by their many people friends, I think Wayne had a point!

Charlie and Tiff don’t do too badly either! Tiff even has her own room with private entrance and exit which has been “Jake proofed” for her comfort!

In our next life, we’ll be animals……………

Category: Cyprus Villas News