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2nd November 2012

Timing ……

Friday evenings are busy here in the Bell household. Normally getting in from work with only just enough time to make tea, sort out our furry family, check homework and get to Greek on time, I barely see Tony, who eats, snoozes then rushes off to the quiz at the Mill.

During the week, Tony and The Great Raymondodoulou had been plotting for last nights quiz. Desperate to win, they’d been telling each other daft facts and hoping they were guessing questions which may come up . Suffice to say, tonys focus was entirely on the quiz.

I left home for Greek class, at 6.25 and got back at 8.05. Tony left for the quiz, at 7 – and left the pan of broth , on the hob, at highest heat – and didn’t notice.

Opening the front door when I got back, the house downstairs smelt of burning, with smoke filling the kitchen and dining area. The dogs were sat by the door looking totally bemused!

Luckily, the broth had so much “stuff” in it, that it had only just got to the bottom, where the burning was just beginning to get “real” and the pan was ready to “do up”……

Timing is everything and the question in my mind was, what could have happened if I’d been a few minutes later – or gone straight to the quiz to join Tony.

I didn’t shout – MUCH!

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