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1st January 2010

Time to go home……

This is not really a blog – its a piece of creative procrastination! I should be back down at my Mum and Jims house, having another cuppa with them before they set off to the airport but I cannot face it at the moment.

Molly and I went this morning and finished off their packing/sorting and drank tea. Mum and I are really good at “PR” and “avoidance”, so we chatted about nonsense and stuff without mentioning the fact that they are to leave Cyprus today to go back to live in UK…………and its so very sad.

When Tony dragged me here to live, I was kicking and screaming: many times, Alfie, Cloudy cat, Tiffy cat and I were going to just get out of the car on the M1 to East Midlands airport and make our way back home – which of course we couldn’t, coz it was sold and our new home was here in Peyia- but it was very upsetting. Now, I’m totally settled here and love the island, as I’ve always done but love it now as “home”. Having Mum and Jim living here for the past 5 years has added to the pleasure of being here but all good things come to an end etc.

The great thing is that they’ve both had excellent health care over these 5 years- and have needed it! They are personally responsible for me getting to know every doctor/specialist/hospital and procedure available on the island – but that helps us with the holiday guests if anything goes wrong.

Mum has made many friends here, including Paraota, who doesn’t speak a word of English and Mum doesn’t speak Greek but Paraota has taught Mum to draw a donkey (don’t ask) and Mum has taught this lovely, 48 year old Cypriot spinster, to smoke, drink and wear make up – and donated a fur coat to her, which P wears proudly while she tends her goats!

Time moves on and needs change and it is time for the wrinklies to go back home to the UK. My sisters, step brother and step sister and huge assembly of entirely dysfunctional but colourful relatives are there waiting to help them, so I know they’ll be fine.

At my age, I should be glad that I’ve had a few extra “older” years to spend a lot of time with them – and I am.

Its just all so very sad today. An ending and a beginning: all as it should be and all within the master plan.

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