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1st January 2010

Time Share in Coral Bay

Whilst the holidaymakers in villas and hotels in the Coral Bay area, will have access to the facility for time share in various “holiday ownership” properties, Charlie kitten and Jake puppy have decided to invent their own “house” share model here in Peyia.

Charlie spends the nights either in our bed, (normally by divebombing one of us so we move over for him), or on the back of the settee where he can “get ” Alfies tail. In the morning, once Charlie has had his breakfast and cleaned himself, off he goes terrorizing the neighbourhood – so Jake is allowed in to play with Alfie and Molly for a while!

Early morning (5ish!), Jake is taken for a walk but not allowed anywhere near the house – he is currently living in a plus kennel with sunterrace in our back garden!

From around 11am until 3pm, Jake plays happily in and around the house ,Charlie returning every now and again to hiss at him! Teatimes, see another “swop over”, with Jake going out for a long walk again and Charlie coming home to snooze for a while! Jake sleeps off his walk in the luxury of his kennel then comes in for a play early evening – with Charlie running in and out of the rooms, screaming/jumping/hissing and generally putting the puppy (300 times Charlies height!), in his place!

So we’re beginning to get some semblance of peace and family harmony in Peyia! Sort of!

Category: Cyprus Villas News