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11th February 2010


Morning – or is it afternoon? Well, it is somewhere in the universe and it almost would have been here if the clocks hadn’t gone back……

How confusing are these changes? Tonys i-phone thingy knew instinctively that it had to adjust itself (it will have an App for that!). I couldnt remember if I had or hadn’t put my watch back and dont have a clue how to adjust my phone so thats no good. Our kitchen clock was wrong anyway: one hour ahead of normal time and I was too tired to work out the mathematics of putting onto “now” time so I just had another coffee….

Then the phone rang and holiday makers staying in Villa Pano Lofos wanted to know if we were now on UK time or still on Cyprus time or had anything got to be adjusted – Tony handed the phone to me……………

Hunting season began today so they’ve been shooting on our hill from 7am – or was that 5am? Whatever the time, it was early……..

I’ve only been up one hour squared to the power of Pye and I’m shattered!

Help!! I need a minute!……..

Category: Cyprus Villas News