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7th February 2011

Till I run out of steam…..

I have a new system: early Saturday morning is my “housework” time (deep joy!). I potter, drink tea, talk to the dogs, think about what I need to do, put some washing in, potter some more, fill up the iron with water, then potter some more, drink more tea, talk to the dogs more, drink coffee, potter, cuddle Jake, cuddle Alfie, cuddle Molly, cuddle Charlie then potter……deciding that I’ll only iron till I run out of steam (in the iron)
SOOO imagine how frustrated I was going to the heated iron, having pottered, drunk tea etc and totally lost track of time, to discover that the heated iron had simply “burnt off” all the water and there was no steam!
What could I do?
I switched it off so I didnt break my pre planned pattern and went back to pottering…………
Luckily, I’m more organised when it comes to checking in guests to the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia!

Category: Cyprus Villas News