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12th October 2010

Thunder and lightning

Winter is here. The rains have begun today and are due to last till tomorrow. Temperatures are now dropping to around the 20 degrees mark but we are in for cold nights – 7 degrees!

We woke up today to thunder and lightning – and all three dogs and honorary dog (Charlie Cat) in bed with us. Tony and I are now up and about but they remain snuggled up together, hiding from the elements!

Jake isn’t even being tempted by his breakfast. I offered it to him but he just said, “Talk to the paw : I’m not going ANYWHERE till the rain stops!”

So, I’m working from home to look after them and Tony has to get very wet making the huge 3 mins journey to our office!

Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou are due to go to a “posh do” tomorrow: Susie is wearing a long frock: me thinks she’ll need to tuck it into hher drawers to keep the edges dry……….

Category: Cyprus Villas News