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1st January 2010

Three men are a little hazy……

Charly, friend and owner of Villa LilyMay, in Peyia, arrived yesterday with his friend, David. They are over for a few days to finalise the interior furnishings of this lovely villa – and do all of the necessary “fiddly bits”….

Tony, Charly and David chatted, ate , drank and generally made merry in Michaels taverna in Peyia – with my help of course.

All was going swimmingly until the question was raised to them, “So, what’s the plan?…..” “Well, ” hesitated Charly looking at Tony , who looked at David , who was looking around the quaint local taverna we were in…….

“Well, ” Charly continued, “we need to do lots of stuff”,,,,,,,,,,yes, I got that bit – “And I’ll have to spend some more money”, (said with pain in his voice!), “And we’ll have to put up the pictures/bathroom fittings etc”……

Yes, yes – but what’s the plan?

“I’m a manager”, Charly said, “I’ll get other people to do the bits I need done”…..

Ah, so the plan is to find the “others” to do the “bits” and “sort the agenda”…. great!

Tony, a fellow manager, agreed with Charly, as did David.

So, I’ve managed to gain two more managers in an unmanaged situation which requires urgent attention. Looks like a job for a Virgo, hormone-led female to take control of! Watch this space!

Category: Cyprus Villas News