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1st January 2010

three little bears…

I had to laugh this morning when I was making breakfast for the hairy gang. Molly, who is tiny, has a tiny bowl for her food. Alfies, is a more modest medium size one and Jakes new bowl, is HUGE.

The three bowls were lined up side by side on the bench with the three owners faces sitting looking up at me. It all looked very funny!
Nothing goes to plan though: Jake didnt want to eat his, he wanted Mollys. Molly wanted hers AND Alfies- and Alfie is gentlemanly enough to stand back and just watch everything unfold…………but Charlie got in first and ate Mollys; Jake eventually went out to eat his and Alfie and Molly cuddled up and shared Alfies.

I’m shattered before I even get to the villas in Coral Bay to check them!

Category: Cyprus Villas News