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16th March 2018

Thoughts are living things.

So sad to hear of the passing of Stephen Hawking this week – though I have to admit to not being aware enough of all he stood for and gave to the world.

What has inspired me so very much reading about him, are two keys things: that he lived 55 years longer than he was advised he would – and the words he wrote about the Universe, which I will possibly misquote but were beautiful : “It wouldn’t be much of a Universe if it wasn’t home to those you loved”… lovely and so true.

It’s a huge world with so many different people and ways/styles of daily life. The Universe is immense and 99.9% unknown but isn’t it true that, without loving and being loved, what would be the point? Even the process of thinking of those who matter to us, makes us feel so very much better – and I really believe thoughts are living things and carry with them, the energy to warm a soul, whatever the distance.

Another thing to warm a person, is a good old rest in the sunshine on a well deserved Cyprus holiday, so if you are thinking of booking somewhere to spend time with your loved ones this Spring, Summer or Autumn, email to us on and I’ll put as much energy as I can into sending you some great options!

Thanking you for reading this blog and wishing you a wonderful weekend on this incredible planet!