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3rd July 2016

“Thoughts are living things”

While I know this blog is meant to be a lighthearted look at life, people and holidays here in the Peyia area of Cyprus, I also know that there are some wonderful people who read it – and today I need your help and thoughts/prayers.

A very close friend of ours, is going to take her final journey ‘home’, probably in the next few hours. She is being cared for in a hospital in Paphos where she is surrounded by the love of her sisters, brother in law and partner. This beautiful soul has fought a major battle against cancer for many years now and, tragically, the disease is now proving to be too much and it’s time for her to rest.

The thing is, this lady is so very strong and she loves her partner, family, pets and friends so very much, that she isn’t going to give up easily – which has kept her going for more years than it might and it’s this ‘spirit of pure steel’ which is holding on now.

I’ve been deeply touched to see ‘love in action’ where this family are concerned, witnessing pure, unselfish devotion and total care on a journey which would have seen many fall by the wayside. I know that this love is wrapped around my dear friend and can be ‘felt’ by her in her soul – and that she returns it a millionfold.

Right now, I ask for your thoughts – for peace and comfort, for anyone suffering. That’s all – thank you.

I’ve just found a quote from Lao Tzu which seems to say what I cannot about this lady’s battle and strength:

“Being deeply loved by someone, gives you strength with loving someone deeply gives you courage”.

You know how much you are loved: we pray for courage now  to let you go on your journey home so that you are no longer in pain.

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