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28th October 2016

I thought I’d heard it all……

Two little stories which were told to me this week, have made me laugh out loud, so I’m sharing them with you!

The first involved a family, who were staying in the all inclusive hotel where my Uncle was staying in Coral Bay. They’d ventured out of the hotel, to eat at one of the most expensive restaurants , where they dined like royalty and drank fine wines. When the bill came, the man said, “”oh we don’t have to pay . We are on ”all inclusive”” with the hotel down the road””….

The second was a scene on the TV where the hotel receptionist took a call from a guest who’d just checked in and the receptionist was explaining, “Yes of course you can leave your room Madam. The ‘do not disturb” sign on the door is for YOU to use on the other side of the door if you want to – it doesn’t mean you cannot disturb the door and leave the room””……

Love it!

We have lots of fun with our holiday villa guests too: if you’d like to come to Cyprus, to rent a villa with a clean , sparkling pool and have some fun, email to me on for deals and availability. Smile! You’ll be in the sunshine soon!